US Wings

US Wings is Sgt. Hack’s current pride and joy. Started after he had finished his tenure as Chief of Police for the town of Sebring, Ohio, US Wings has allowed Sgt. David Hack to maintain his love for the military by being able to work to promote the military’s brand and style across the country and the world. By focusing on truly authentic military attire, he can show people that the United States Military puts care and precision into all aspects of its being, from clothes to soldiers. While it might seem strange for a former military man to branch out into apparel and fashion, Sgt. Hack has always been on the forefront of thinking outside the box. This can be seen both in his current career as well as when he was one of the military’s top recruiters. This is just another way for the sergeant and his family to give back to our country and to the institution that gave him so much.

US Wings in a family run affair and includes Sgt. Hack as well as his wife, Lani, and children. While Sgt. Hack is the CEO, his wife is the President and he fully admits to her making all of the decisions when it comes to things like online presence, marketing, and buying of raw materials. Their children: Brittney, Brooke, and Brenton, are all majority shareholders and owners of the business and they’re heavily invested in helping it grow and while maintaining the high level of quality that people have come to expect from US Wings. As an official supplier for the Defense Logistics Agency, and other military and governmental organizations, you can be sure that the product US Wings sells is of the highest quality and made in America.

Based in Hudson, Ohio but shipping all over the world, US Wings is making its mark in civilian and retired military lives across the earth. The fact that Sgt. Hack and US Wings are frequently called into Hollywood to act as consultants for historical accuracy just goes even further to show you just how respected the brand has become. As an early adapted of the internet, US Wings paved the way for customer interaction and ease-of-purchase by constantly adopting the latest trends and technologies to make everything flow smoothly and efficiently (after all, it’s being run by a former Army man). The company still has a strong web presence and its website is full of products and gift ideas that should excite even the most diehard military loyalist.

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