Tips to Build your Mindfulness Practice

As we enter into 2019, more and more people understand the importance of having a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is the act of slowing down and noticing your thoughts and actions. It encourages you to stay present and enjoy the moment, no matter what is happening. The following are some proven tips for building your mindfulness practice:

Create a Morning Routine

A good morning routine is a perfect start to a mindful day. By starting out your day with mindfulness practice, you will approach the rest of the day with that mindset. Incorporate mindfulness into your morning routine in whatever way makes sense for you. For some people, sitting in meditation for a half an hour each morning is the best way to get their mindfulness practice going. For others, you may find it easier to connect to yourself by going on a run.

Ongoing Check-Ins

If you are serious about your mindfulness practice, you are going to have to check in on it throughout the day. There are many aspects to check in on including your posture, your breath, and your thoughts. The more frequently you check in, the better you will get at assessing your mindfulness practice. While you’re checking in, you may notice that your breathing is shallow or short. Come back to your breathe and focus in on that. Breathing will empower your mindfulness practice.

Clear your Mind with Chores

Typically, people approach chores with the mindset that it’s an unwanted task that they must get through. This causes stress for you and causes you not to tackle the chores fully. Rather than taking this approach, try looking at chores as a way to clear your mind. As you go about washing dishes, be mindful. Notice the dishes, their shape, and their feel. Feel the water as it runs and notice the temperature. Noticing all of these sensations are part of being mindful.

Mindfulness has proven to be a positive and effective way to manage stress and lead a genuine life. When you are engaged in mindfulness, you are able to notice your thoughts without judging them. You are able to notice your actions without judgment as well. This simple act causes you to become more present in all areas of your life. There are a few tips to help you build your mindfulness practice. They include creating a morning routine, checking in daily and clearing your mind with chores.