Sgt. Hack’s US Wings Biography

Sergeant David Hack is a man who fell in love with the United States Military at a young age. Coming from a military family, he was always surrounded by soldiers and knew that he wanted to serve and help fight for his country. Sgt. Hack first started serving in the armed service by joining the Coast Guard in 1957 at the age of 17. After serving in the Coast Guard for 4 years, David Hack enlisted in the Army and volunteered for Ranger Training. He was sent to Fort Benning, GA  for 2 years while helping to train and support the Ranger school as a U.S. Army Trainer (Instructor). He eventually joined the 1st Infantry Division of the Army and served in Vietnam as a sergeant with the Big Red One where he was wounded twice in action and left after receiving a Purple Heart. He then embarked on a career as an army recruiter in the state of Ohio and due to his forceful personality and charm, as well as his unique methods and ability to connect and draw attention to himself through customized cars and t-shirts, he was the top Army recruiter in the entire country from 1969-1973.

Sgt. Hack: Post-military and Us Wings


Upon leaving the military, Sgt. Hack had an accomplished career in law enforcement in the state of Ohio. As a natural extension of his military service, David Hack worked his way up the ladder and ended his law enforcement career as the Chief of Police for the town of Sebring, Ohio. While he loved working in law enforcement and as police chief, David was always yearning to be more involved in his first love, the military. To combine his love for the military with his desire to both support it as well as introduce more of it to civilians around the globe, David started his company US Wings with his wife. US Wings deals in authentics military and aviation gear and accessories and deals exclusively with all branches of the military as well as with customers from around the world.

US Wings is an official Defense Logistics Agency supplier as well as being a supplier for both the US military and other government agencies. The commitment to quality as well as authenticity of US Wings products has also lead to Sgt. Hack being in high demand to consult for Hollywood for both movies as well as tv shows and biopics. When thinking about starting the company, David Hack took inspiration from his own personal experiences as well as those of his family, the memory of his brother (who was an aviator), and the support of his wife. By taking to the internet before it was common, US Wings was able to carve out a niche that they still inhabit and become the leader in authentic replica and original military goods. With clients spanning international civilians, current and former soldiers, politicians, and celebrities, US Wings is known to carry the highest quality goods for the lowest prices and Sgt. Hack is at the head of it all smiling and welcoming people to the military culture he loves so much.